Liquid CCMOORE Liquid Liver Compound 500ml

Liquid CCMOORE Liquid Liver Compound 500ml


This thick, light brown gravy-like liquid is derived from top quality poultry liver. It is a highly soluble, amino acid rich, PVA friendly liquid food which is very effective as a boilie and hookbait coating or a natural 'attraction booster' for PVA bag and stick mixes.  Liquid Liver Compound also adds a subtle yeasty-meat profile to baits and is widely used for adding a soluble natural attractor cloud to spod and particle mixes.

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Liquid Liver Compound is an extremely attractive liquid food which contains pure natural liver extract derived from high quality poultry meat. It boasts a rich nutrient profile with a deep yet smooth 'pet-food gravy' taste and aroma that significantly increases the attraction of baits to which it is applied - either as an ingredient or soak.

This highly soluble liquid bait additive is also widely used by global pet and aquaculture food manufacturers to increase the palatability and intake potential of their foods and supplements - an endorsement that proves it to be an ideal appetite stimulant for your bait.

Liquid Liver Compound Properties:

  • Supplies essential amino acids in a highly digestible liquid food
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals that are easily utilized in all temperatures
  • Contains pure liver extract derived from high quality EU poultry meat.
  • Compliments and improves baits of all types and profiles
  • Excellent nutrient solubility ensures outstanding cold-water performance
  • Subtle natural taste and aroma promote confident feeding
  • Dries onto and 'powder-coats' baits and loose feeds, loading them with attraction
  • PVA friendly so ideal for use in PVA bag and stick mixes
  • pH 5.5 - mildly acidic

Usage Tip:

Coat boilies and pellets in Liquid Liver Compound to give them a water-soluble coating which will slowly leak away from them once immersed in water, penetrating weed, silt and gravel in your baited area. This process can be repeated for increased attraction and can be used by adding to freezer baits prior to freezing.

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