PVA Mesh Refill CASTAWAY PVA Refill Tub 25m

PVA Mesh Refill CASTAWAY PVA Refill Tub 25m


PVA Refill Pans are essential for a fisherman who consumes a lot of PVA mesh. The large jar contains 25 meters of mesh 18mm, 25mm or 35mm in diameter. With this large addition, you will be able to put a new grid on the old tube. And you can add an unused top-up until you need it again. The refill container is also airtight, so it will not leak water and will ensure the safety of the grid. Convenient, compact addition at an affordable price.

Dimensions of PVA
  • 18 mm
  • 25 mm
  • 35 mm
Available (35 Items)
  • Perfect for ready-made pva stick mix, small pellets or boilies
  • The mesh material is strong and well woven
  • Dissolution time - 30/60 seconds
  • Great choice for use at various depths and in cold water
  • When dissolved, the material leaves no residue and is environmentally friendly
  • Using this system, you will be able to make "socks" and bags of various sizes, which will melt the fish next to your bait when dissolved.
  • 25 meters net (socks)

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