Fox Spomb Bomb

Fox Spomb Bomb


Rocket for whipping Spomb Bomb. An amazing invention for long distance fishermen where it is not possible to cast bait by hand.

Feeder model
  • Spomb Mini White
  • Spomb Mini Black
  • Spomb Large White
  • Spomb Large Black
  • Spomb Midi White
  • Spomb Midi Black
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Long Range - Due to its excellent aerodynamic and exceptional shape features, this rocket will help you easily reach previously difficult distances. During the tests with the first products, the testers loaded the rocket at a distance of about 160m. Fast bait delivery - as soon as the spombs reach the water, the rocket opens at the same moment and all the bait falls at one point. Easy break - only when the spombs open, it can be cut immediately, without any resistance, using less energy and saving precious time. No waste of bait - the loaded spomb closes tightly, so not a little bit of bait will be scattered, as is often the case with simple spod missiles. Any fodder that fits in the spomb can be easily loaded and delivered with the help of this rocket directly and accurately to a cozy place: protein balls, pellets, cereal fodder, larvae, even dry fodder glued into oval rolls. Low wind resistance - this rocket is very little affected by the wind, so even in the strongest winds you will be able to deliver the bait to the chosen location. The empty rocket weighs about 60 g and is fully loaded at about -200 g, so a fairly strong rod is required to do the job. Recommended spinning rods / rods 4 lb - 5 lb classification, together with 40 LB (20kg) jumper.

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