Bank stick Delphin D-STICK

Bank stick Delphin D-STICK


Technical parameters:

Type 80-130cm: weight 280g

Type 110-180cm: weight 370g

Stake dimensions
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The Delphin D-STICK is a telescopic bank stick, equipped with an auger tip. This is a high-performance and lightweight product of a premium quality. The base of these bank sticks is made of thick-walled tubes coming in a matte black finish. D-STICK is a very robust product that will guarantee its durability. This model comes with an innovative sliding and locking mechanism and is made of high quality ABS plastic. We have made a redesign of this particular part and from now on, it won't move and is much easier to operate with. The lower part of the stick is fitted with a solid and sharp auger, which allows you to drill into harder surfaces. This auger piece is secured with a pin (rivet), which is a huge advantage. As a result, there is no risk that the auger itself will remain stuck in the ground, leaving you with a non-functional bank stick! This is an exceptionally strong connection. At the top, there is a holder that slides right through the bottom part and serves as a lever for delivering force, while drilling the auger into the surface. The end of the upper end part is fitted with a massive screw thread, made for attaching the rod holder or electronic bite alarm indicator.