Fishing line Delphin CRABER Maxi

Fishing line Delphin CRABER Maxi


Technical parameters:

Rods: 3

The setting of the height: 41-85cm

The setting of the length: 80-130 cm

Width of the front bar: 50cm

Width of the back bar: 60cm

Material: aluminum / ABS connectors

Transport size: 80x20x6cm

Weight: 1420g

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The Delphin Craber Maxi is a rod pod of compact dimensions. You may be surprised by its versatility. Its dimensions can be adjusted according to your favorite fishing spot and it can be described as an allround rod pod for all types of waters. It will do its job perfectly on both, small overgrown waters as well as large open lakes, because it will adapt to the actual conditions. Thanks to its black color, it fits into the surrounding environment. It offers a strong and very stable construction combined with its low weight. The transport dimensions make it ideal for carrying it in your fishing bag. It comes together with a protective textile case. The height of the horizontal bar can be adjusted by using the screws on both sides. Telescopic legs can be adjusted to three different positions. The whole rod pod is made of aluminum profiles, which are connected by connectors, and made of tough ABS plastic. All of these features contributed to the durability of CRABER rod pods. From now on, there is a clear winner!