Boiliai Nutrabaits Shelf Life Trigga Ice Boilies 5kg

Boiliai Nutrabaits Shelf Life Trigga Ice Boilies 5kg

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Trigga Ice ready-mades harness the undoubted pulling power of our unique spice powder and oleoresin combination that all of our Iced products include. Utilizing this combination in conjunction with optimal levels of Trigga Ice powder and Ice Liquid food creates what we believe is the ultimate year round food source bait!

NU 169
  • 15 mm
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  • 5 kg
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Although we originally developed Trigga Ice with winter in mind, our ongoing trials confirm that it would be mistake to simply judge Trigga Ice as a cold water bait for carp. We assure that this bait can be used with total confidence throughout the year, on waters across the globe and it will deliver a package of nutrition that any carp will find hard to resist!

As with all our shelf-life bait ranges we only use the highest quality human food grade preservatives, giving you total confidence that you are using the highest quality baits currently available.

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