Online only AQUA STORM STM300 inflatable PVC boat

AQUA STORM STM300 inflatable PVC boat


Model STM300

Length cm: 300

Width cm: 145

Cylinder diameter cm: 40

Number of cameras: 3

Bottom table pcs .: 4

Max. number of passengers: 2

Lifting capacity kg: 360

Max. engine power: 10 AG

Weight kg: 31

Warranty: 3 years

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This is a great multi-layer inflatable boat made of high-quality PVC 1100gr / m2 HEYTex (Germany) material. This material gives the boat geometric stability. The material is resistant to ultraviolet, gasoline and grease. Maintains its properties at temperatures from -30 C to + 70C. Equipment: oars, repair kit, pump, technical passport.