Catch bag Delphin KEEPO

Catch bag Delphin KEEPO


Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 36cm x 25cm x 22cm

Capacity: 18.5l


The Delphin KEEPO is a practical fishing bag made of EVA plastic. Its upper part opens around the perimeter with a zipper. The lid is fitted with a mesh opening at the top, giving you a perfect overview of what is inside. It will be simply closed by a zipper around its perimeter and you may use this opening for taking out or putting in your live bait. You will find there a small outer pocket designed for the oxygenator (for example our Delphin A-PUMP maxi or mini) and also a small opening for the oxygenator tubing. The bag is equipped with two plastic handles, which you can fix by inserting their upper parts into each other. Delphin KEEPO is a practical tool for all those who want to fish with their live bait and need to keep it fresh. It was designed for keeping your live bait in a good condition during the transport. Alternatively, it can be used as a bag, where you can carry various fishing accessories.