Floating Boilers CCMOORE NS1 Minis 8mm Pop Ups

Floating Boilers CCMOORE NS1 Minis 8mm Pop Ups


Hi-viz, 8mm Northern Special NS1 pop ups. Each pot contains 8 mixed colors and a sachet of NS1 Hookbait Booster. These ultra-buoyant pop ups are perfect as a small single hookbait or for creating snowman presentations.

  • 8 mm
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These highly attractive 8mm Northern Specials pop ups are infused with our famous NS1 citrus-fruit blend and are supplied in pots containing eight different hi-viz colored pop ups.

These perfect little pop ups are superb when fished as single hookbaits, when fished in multiples or when fished as bait toppers on top of food baits and give you loads of great rig presentation options.

They are also excellent for balancing other hookbaits, creating a wafting or slow sinking presentation; a deadly tactic that works well on both the now pressured big Carp venues and the busiest commercial fisheries.

Northern Special Minis Properties:

  • Approximately 150 extremely buoyant, 8mm pop ups
  • Made with our legendary citrus-fruit Northern Specials NS1 flavor profile
  • Their durable, toughened skin enables them to last for 24hrs +
  • Spongy texture ensures flavors easily soak in then leak out effectively
  • Ideal as a single hookbait pop up, zig hookbait or as a bait 'topper'
  • 8 different colored hookbaits ensure you have numerous options
  • CCM Pop Up Mix maximizes flavor and attractor leakage
  • Ideal texture for coating with the matching 'Hookbait Booster'

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