Compact heater Delphin ARCTIC / 2 pcs

Compact heater Delphin ARCTIC / 2 pcs


Compact heater Delphin ARCTIC / 2 pcs. Delphin ARCTIC yra kompaktiškas šildytuvas, pagamintas iš druskos sūrymo pagrindo, kuris yra labai įvairus.

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The Delphin ARCTIC is a compact heater made from a salt brine base that is very versatile. Due to its compact size (10 cm in diameter), it can be placed in various parts of clothing, such as pockets or a sleeping bag, and warms the selected part of the body. It can be used by anglers, hunters, athletes or workers working in low temperatures.The Delphin Arctic is used directly to warm the back of a Delphin RS chair. Warm activation: The warm contents must be liquid, the metal plate is folded in various ways until the salt brine is solid and, depending on the outside temperature, heats the selected part for about 60 minutes. Charging. Put the product in boiling water and cook (about 5 minutes) until its contents are liquid and clear. It can be used again later. It can be used about 1000 times.

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