Skystis CCMOORE Equinox Liquid Additive 500ml

Skystis CCMOORE Equinox Liquid Additive 500ml

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Skystis CCMOORE Equinox Liquid Additive 500ml.

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This liquid food pack is identical to the one used in the production of our superb Equinox boilies and contains spices, esters, feeding triggers, amino acid-rich proteins and other powerful attractants. It also contains other vital components that create a unique taste and aroma profile whilst enabling baits that contain it to be digested more quickly.

Simply add 100ml/kg of this liquid to Equinox base mix to produce the same bait that has accounted for such an incredible number of fish during its testing period and since its release to the general public.

Whilst 100ml/kg seems high as a liquid inclusion rate, this is essential to produce a reduced-egg, soluble bait, which instantly leaks powerful natural attractors as soon as it enters your swim.


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