Tik internetu Ritė Delphin Modeco Feeder

Ritė Delphin Modeco Feeder

33,02 €

Ritė Delphin Modeco Feeder.

Ritės modelis

MODECO is an attractive modern reel built on reliable and tested technical base. Thanks to ideally proportioned inner mechanism this reel has a long durability and really good performance. There is no problem with pulling down any bigger feeders. Graphite body is very solid and doesn´t run or twist even when overloaded. Thanks to its metal handle with its ergonomic part will fit you perfectly. The metal spool is shallow which makes this reel perfect for feeder fishing. Due to its perfectly balanced rotor the run is perfectly smooth.

Technical parameters:

  • Reel capacity mm/m: 0.26/230, 0.28/200, 0.30/170
  • Gearing: 5.5:1
  • Number of bearings: 4+1
  • Weight: 448g
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