Svėrimo krepšys Delphin GOLEM

Svėrimo krepšys Delphin GOLEM

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Svėrimo krepšys Delphin GOLEM. Svėrimo krepšys Delphin yra kartu ir žuvies laikymo krepšys. Tai privalomas aksesuaras kiekvienam žvejui mėgstančiam karpių žvejybą.

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This weighting bag is a precisely made gem that is a must for every angler and every carp fishing accessory. Its basic element is its solid top part made of aluminium tubes. Thanks to its ingenious mechanism it is possible simply spread these tubes so they don´t take too much space during transport. There are four floats placed on these tubes which together with pierced parts of the bag make it possible for you to keep the fish inside or release the fish back to water. Undoubtedly, GOLEM also has 2.5m long anchoring line finished by a thread so the bag can also be anchored on the shore. There is a zip along the whole length of the bag so it can be closed perfectly. Due to the long, textile lugs it can be hung on weighting tripod comfortably. For casual transport there are shorter belts placed in the corners of the bag.


Technical parameters:

  • Size: 120x50x30cm
  • Transport size: 65x15x15cm
  • Weight: 1,5kg
  • Loading capacity: 50kg


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