Žvejybinis Matas Fish mat Delphin C-MAT

Žvejybinis Matas Fish mat Delphin C-MAT

9,91 €

Žvejybinis Matas Fish mat Delphin C-MAT. Vandeniui atsparus matas, pagamintas iš 20mm storio putos, kuris išklotas neperšlampančiu audiniu.

Mato modelis
  • 70x40 cm
  • 90x50 cm
  • 130x70 cm

Mat made by Delphin is designed for all whose main aim is to securely and carefully deal with their catch. This resistant mat is made of foam that is lined with impermeable textile. The lining divides the mat into three parts thanks to that it folds easily. It packing and transport is the matter of a few seconds thanks to safe rubber belts sewed in lining. On its both sides is a clip that is suitable for anchoring the mat to the ground. Thanks to its compact size, this mat is really suitable when fishing for predators. Technical parameters: Mat Delphin C-MAT Size: 130x70cm Transport size: 70x43cm Thickness: 20mm Mat Delphin C-MAT Size: 90x50cm Transport size: 50x30cm Thickness: 20mm Mat Delphin EKO Size: 70x40cm Transport size: 25x40cm Thickness: 10mm


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