Tik internetu Skėtis MATRIX Over The Top Brolly

Skėtis MATRIX Over The Top Brolly

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  • Size: 115cm or 125cm diameter
  • Extra-long pole for increased clearance
  • Ideal for pole fishing because of 360 clear shipping space
  • Super lightweight construction
  • Ultra-durable outer fabric
  • 100% Polyester
  • 115 cm
  • 125 cm
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Made from 100% ultra durable polyester, this brolly is designed to give you smooth, hassle free shipping, as well as keep the worst of the rain off you when you're fishing a match. With 360 degree open space all around the brolly, which holds an overhead position, getting the perfect angle for effective pole fishing is easier than ever, allowing you to effectively fish the tightest swims, and bring in the hardest-fighting fish.

Exceptionally lightweight, with an increased central pole length giving you maximum clearance on any peg, we'd argue that there's nothing “OTT” about the Matrix Over The Top Brolly – in fact, we think it's exactly right for any match fishing scenario.

If you're looking for smart, intelligent match fishing protection, then the Over The Top Brolly from Matrix looks good, and allows you to perform well, whatever techniques you're employing, and however much hauling power you need to bring to bear.