Valtis Prologic Element Wave Rider 240

Valtis Prologic Element Wave Rider 240

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Thanks to its particular design, it has a greater width than most of the "standard" boats on the market, in fact, with its 93cm width, you can load a maximum of material while having an outstanding stability.

It is very easy to assemble as it has only two side flanges and an inflatable floor. Its reinforced transom will easily accommodate a motor and an echo sounder while its front transom is equipped with a stainless steel mooring hook.

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In addition, it is equipped with a pair of aluminium oars, a rope track for easy handling, reinforcements under the oars, an aluminium bench and soft carrying handles for easy transport. The boat is finished in an elegant olive green colour.

  • Anti-slip inflatable floor
  • Olive green PVC 0.9mm
  • High pressure valve
  • 105cm aluminium bench - easy to slide on
  • Rope path on sides for easy handling
  • Catamaran structure, for a more efficient and economical ride
  • Reinforcement under the flanges
  • Soft carrying handles to reduce bulk
  • Supplied with a pair of 171cm aluminium oars in two parts
  • Interior dimensions: 185cm x 93cm x 25cm
  • Includes a handy folding carry bag
  • Stainless steel anchor/docking hook on front panel
  • Water drain plug at rear
  • Reinforced rear panel to accommodate motor and echo sounder
  • CE certified
  • Maximum power: 6hp
  • Maximum load: 350kg
  • Dimensions: 240cm x 185cm x 52cm - Weight: 37kg