Dėklas Toiletry bag Delphin Area NICE Carpath

Dėklas Toiletry bag Delphin Area NICE Carpath

15,53 €

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 25cm x 18cm x 10cm

Camouflage CARPATH is a unique and patented design pattern which combines camouflage visual make and carp shapes which together make camouflage design. This unique and irreproducible design is made completely by Delphin and pushes the borders of your fishing equipment to brand new dimension.


Delphin Area NICE Carpath is a unique bag designed to make you stay fresh throughout your fishing trips. From now on, you can carry all your hygiene products in one bag and having them always at hand. The bag is equipped with a practical Velcro strap and also with a plastic hook. That allows hanging the bag in a bivouac or on a tree branch. At the opposite end, we placed a Velcro strap, which is designed to get fixed through the center of the toilet paper roll. You will be able to roll out toilet paper without any problems. Inside, there is also a toilet paper pocket and other practical storage compartments equipped with a zipper. In the central part, there are 3 compartments, where you can store, for example a comb, tweezers, scissors. There is also a small mirror (5.5x8cm), which is equipped with a plastic lid and attached to the bag by Velcro fastener, and you can take it out whenever you want. On the outside, the bag is fitted with a loop made of a strap for easier carrying around.

The case is equipped with a high-quality zipper in brown color. Zipper puller comes with a plastic drawstring. It is quite handy and allows you to open the zippers easily. The accessories are matching with the overall design. This case will be complemented by our unique brown CARPATH camouflage design consisting of carp shapes.