Delphin ATAK! CarryAll Space spinning bag

Delphin ATAK! CarryAll Space spinning bag

72,69 €

Technical parameters:

Size of the bag: 53x30x35cm

Net inner size of the bag: 40x24x13cm

Side pocket size: 18x18x6cm

Box size: 35.5 x 22 x 4.7cm

Number of compartments: 4-24

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Delphin ATAK! CarryAll Space is designed for the fans of spin fishing. The bag holds a separate compartment for 4 pieces of plastic boxes in combination with classic storage space. The upper storage compartment is designed to hold everything you need, when going for spin fishing. The lower space comes with a clever design of stiff traverses, separating 4 plastic boxes. This allows you to insert or remove plastic boxes with ease. These plastic boxes come as a part of this bag and are equipped with removable inner traverses.

It was designed with an emphasis on practicality, durability and resistance. The bag is fitted with thicker padding, for maximum protection of your equipment. The entire bottom part of the bag is fitted up to 5cm with reinforced, waterproof layer, allowing the bag to be placed on a wet surface. This also makes the bag extremely stable and keeps its shape.

The bag comes with quality orange zippers. The zipper pullers are equipped with a plastic drawstring fitted with wider orange strap. It is quite handy and allows you to open the zippers easily. The applied orange accessories are making the bag visible, even in the dark and so it won´t get lost. The bag is made of a light, but durable black fabric and has grey shoulder strap.

This bag is complemented by our unique gray ATAK! camouflage design consisting of predatory fish shapes.