Kėdė Delphin CM Carpath

Kėdė Delphin CM Carpath

66,03 €

Technical parameters

Bearing capacity: 110kg

Size of the seat: 43x48cm

Height of the back rest: 50cm

Height of seat: 32 -40cm

Weight: 4,95kg

Transport size: 68x57x14cm


The newest model of armchair made by Delphin designed in the model CARPATH. This armchair doesn´t fall behind its bigger brothers standards. Delphin CM is very comfortable, stable and precisely made armchair which construction is very strong, resistant, but on the other hand very light for transportation. The legs are fixed to the construction by safety locks which guarantee that when you move the chair, the legs will not lock so there is no risk of falling down. Bearing surface of the legs is very sturdy and flexible which means that they can adjust to any uneven ground. There is a mattress placed very carefully on the construction. The mattress is created by the combination of cloths so that it can function well as well as make very nice aesthetical feeling. The base for is the 600D cloth with a camouflage printing of Carpath. This cloth is combined with 600D cloth without any printing. The head part is made of nice and soft fleece which is perfect for our neck. The armrests add to its overall comfort which you will appreciate during long fishing trips.

So called UNIQ Bag put the armchair to a new level and it is included in the package. It is a carry-on bag (20x15cm) which is anchored on already made connectors. You can place your mobile phone or documents to it. Thanks to the universal belts with Velcro zipping you can simply hang your bag on your belt or move it to the bed´s construction and have it by your hand at all times.