Dėžutė Pavadėliams Guru Rig Box

Dėžutė Pavadėliams Guru Rig Box

14,05 €
Dėžutė Pavadėliams Guru Rig Box.
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  • Compact rig-storage solution
  • Watertight design
  • 10 Soft foam winders
  • Quality carry case with transparent lid
  • Quality clip & hinges
  • Ideal for storing hook lengths & rigs

Guru Rig Box,

This compact rig-storage solution is just the thing for the angler who likes to be prepared. We know that you guys like to prepare methodically for action, and this system allows you to do just that.

Itll help you to store match, general coarse and even carp rigs safely, until you need them. The tough, impact-proof storage box houses 10 EVA spools and comes with 20 pins to secure the rigs to the spools. Itll comfortably take 200 rigs and can be used for feeder, bomb, pellet waggler, pole and zig rigs.

Spare EVA spools, with 10 spare pins included, are set to be made available. We expect this super little product to crossover nicely between pleasure, match and carp fishing.


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